"Rush to Kottayam; gold is so cheap there!" says Malayala Manorama

This is a screeshot I took from the Malayala Manorama webiste. This displays today’s market rates of gold and silver. (Click on the image to enlarge) It says that at Kottayam, gold is so cheap when compared to silver, and gold can be bought for Rs 50 only. Don’t ask me the quantity of gold that you would get for Rs 50, because even Manorama doesn’t know that! So girls, parents of nubile daughters, and ornament lovers in general, catch the next vehicle to Kottayam and pack your bags (or even sacks) with gold and return contented! Now, one thing is for sure, no thief would want to steal this inexpensive metal any more!

Photo: Malayala Manorama

30 thoughts on “"Rush to Kottayam; gold is so cheap there!" says Malayala Manorama

  1. Yes Kottiyam is in Kollam. I am currently only partially mobile…lol..i plan to amke a trip as soon as i am fully mobile to Kottayam. πŸ™‚


  2. I won;t mind going bang bang….horses, guns……
    the “Mechana’s Gold”..way

    this post reminded of this film…got to view it again …what a classic it was.

    Do you know where diamonds are cheap……..lol they are forever…haha a james bond film again!


  3. A determined Leader gets a deserving tribute and words from an equally determined writer.

    I trust we failed to give due credit and respect to many heroes. Without their efforts the independence movemnet would have not been fuelled. It was on their dead bodies this struggle gained momentum.

    who can explain this, our national game is hockey but yet we do patronise cricket…?

    SOme heroes who went unsung here i believe got their respect in the hearts of people, who are honest, who know what is to demand with command.

    well written post SReejith…… its your passion for him that speaks volumes here.


  4. Re: Passerby55

    Thanks a million for the encouragement. It is true that on most occasions we fail to recognize the true side and value of people and things. Your example of cricket vs hockey was a brilliant one!

    Yah… it is sheer passion that drives me to write more and more about Netaji. The more you write, the more scope you find for writing in this case! πŸ™‚


  5. Re: MerinMay be they are the leading newspaper. But that is not a justification for making such a serious mistake on their website. They must have thought that since they are the leading newspaper website in Malayalam, many people do visit their site often. πŸ™‚Thanks for the comment M!


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