Aren’t our women trustworthy?

This is not to spite the feelings of any. But this question lurks in my mind on seeing the salespersons in our jewellery shops. All salesmen and no saleswomen! This is not the case with textile showrooms though. What could be the reason for pretermitting females as salespersons in jewellery shops? Do the shop owners fear that they might steal something valuable, knowing their general passion for ornaments? Or is it because of the trouble in searching the suspect in case an item is missing?

A happy onam to all of you!

17 thoughts on “Aren’t our women trustworthy?

  1. Well I’m not sure how things are down south, but here in Delhi I’ve been to a few jewellery shops with my sisters and they seem to be literally *filled* with ladies.

    Now that might be something interesting to compare.. perhaps there’s a some kind of trend that can be explained here?

    Happy onam to you too!!


  2. Re: Gaurav Jain

    Oh! Seriously, that is some fresh news for me! Here, I have never seen any woman salesperson in a jewellery shop!

    That must be an interesting trend then. Something for the social scientists to have a look into, huh?

    Thanks! Happy Onam!


  3. Unless its family business its not normal to see women in jewelry shops. Only very few ppl’ work. But I do know, its only women who work in companies manufacturing designs for diamonds and jewels.

    Its not about trust. I think men have more patience than women in sales marketing.
    Women tend to talk stories or gossip whereever you go. Its time and money for the shop keepers.

    It cana lso be the reason behing: marriage and good days. It can be a tradition that buying in hands of men is different thanw ith women. Not all women are same and they might think different.
    Its just seeing a good time and reasons for buying.
    Womens health reasons can be major issue in sale of jewels.


  4. Happy onam!

    Interesting Sreejith, because i too realised that i havent seen any females.

    I cant think of any possible reason. 😦

    Good observation!


  5. Re: Priya

    Thanks for those words Priya! Some facts that I have missed or never even thought about; like buying jewels in hands of men, women’s health reasons etc.

    <>Women tend to talk stories or gossip whereever you go

    LOL! This comment coming from a woman makes it more interesting! 😉


  6. huh?!?!? That is quite strange, quite opposite to what I’ve usually seen!!

    Usually they have women in the jewellery shops! I think, may be the owner of the shop has some prejudice against female marketing personnels.


  7. hello Sreejith

    happy onam to you…

    hmmmm…….aren;t our women trustworhty!!??!!

    i am a woman, i have never applied for to wrok in a jewellery shop, i don’t see a reason they denying a job because i am a woman. only if i am not capable they won;t.

    to sell jewellery i dont think women would mind….

    If what you say is true,A possible reason i think is women are so much in awe/love/passionate about jewellery,they would never let it go. even if the customer wants to BUY it… now that is a loss (it may be the possible reason for not employing women —— haha

    hey! visit Bangkok women do sell jewellery there… and they make good salesWOMEN…lol


  8. Re: Maya Cassis

    Hey, Happy Onam and welcome back! So, I wasn’t alone in my observation!!

    Re: Venus

    But this is the general trend in Kerala. I wonder there may be some other reason for this as <>Priya<> pointed out above. It is good to know that it is not the case at other places.

    Re: Passerby55

    Very happy Onam to you too!

    I do not have a problem in seeing women in jewellery shops and it would be more easy for the complete family as there won’t be males gazing at the females of that family, LOL!

    <>they would never let it go. even if the customer wants to BUY it.

    Wow, great!!!


  9. Well I am from Kolkata and dont have much Idea about South-Here we see a lot of Sales woman working in all leading showrooms.Small shops are full of men although.
    The reason ….well the shop owner might have a perception that women customers would be interested to have a compliment from a salesman.You know if one sales girl tells me ‘Sir you are looking really handsome in this shirt…’ a miror breaking material like me would not give a second thaught but buy it..


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