Tags…. I am lovin’ it!

This is one sweet tag I have taken, again from my friend Srijith‘s blog! God, I am loving these tags! Why didn’t you stick me in to this previously? It had to wait a long 100 posts to do some tagging. But “Ellaathinum oru samayamundu Daasa” πŸ™‚

This one is about 6 questions and 6 personalities. I didn’t consider my family and other close acquaitances when doing this tag, esp. in the case of personalities. Personalities is a random selection. It involves people I adore, people I have looked with amazement, and also people who touched my emotions and feelings.

6 Questions: –

  1. Since sound is also a form of energy, it should not get destroyed. There should be only a change of state. We can also change matter from one state to another. So, is it possible to recreate the sounds once produced? In the same order, same sequence etc.? If possible, this could produce OUTSTANDING results!
  2. Are the colours and objects perceived the same way by all people? For example, I have a perception in my mind on seeing the picture of Sachin Tendulkar. Is it the same perception another person gets when seeing the same picture? Ditto the case with colours.
  3. The eye power of humans and animals may or may not be the same. If it is not, can animals like dogs see something more than what we all can?
  4. I have studied in my Physics class that the universe is expanding. But for something to expand, there should be enough space around it. If there is enough space around the universe, then what is the limit of the universe and what exists beyond it? An independent something existing in something else? That sounds rubbish. For example, for a balloon to expand on puffing, there needs to be some air surrounding it. Consider the universe to be a balloon. Then what is the air around it? Is it not part of universe? Remember, when we say universe, we mean everything. Then how can it expand and where is it expanding to?
  5. How will I meet with my end?
  6. What is death and what happens after it?

6 Personalities: –

  1. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: – The unsung hero of Indian independence movement. I simply adore this man, who built an army from just one man to around 80,000. The man who openly challenged the British with his Chalo Delhi slogan. The man who fought and defeated the invaders in the South East part of India, before he was impelled to withdraw due to natural calamities and disease spreads. The man who wasn’t afraid to shed his blood for his motherland. When he stated Britain had not yet invented a weapon to kill Subhas Chandra Bose, he really meant it. The man who altercated with Tojo when the latter hailed him as the Indian president. The man who was courageous enough to escape in disguise, from the British clutches. The man who went to the Nazi Germany alone to seek Adolf Hitler’s assistance for his fights against the British. The man who scrapped with Hitler when the latter question his political background and experience. Even Mohandas Gandhi praised him as the “Prince among patriots” and went on to say that “Bose’s patriotism was second to none”.
  2. MS Baburaj: – To me, the best Malayalam composer. The one man who brought the ups, downs and all curves of Hindustani music into Malayalam film industry. Songs like “Thaamasamenthe varuvan”, “Pranasakhi njan verumore”, “Oru pushpam mathramen”, “Anuragagaanam pole” are enough to give him an immortal status in Malayalam music category. Even after a hundred years, Baburaj’s compositions would stay in tact since those are full of emotions and feelings than just words and music.
  3. Srinivasa Ramanujan: – The greatest Indian mathematician ever. He was destined to change and create history. One man who was confined to the religious beliefs and lacked a decent educational status…. it was so improbable for Ramanujan to climb the steps to fame and glory. But since he was destined for it, his mother gave him permission to go abroad (cross the sea) and acquire more knowledge. The one man who passed only in Mathematics in his school exams, it would have been impossible for him to study abroad had there not been one GH Hardy. A natural with the subject, Ramanujan stands tall as an icon and his story betokens the busts of our educational system. Rules were revised to allow Ramanujan study in Cambridge since he did not have any basic qualification. Also this is a warning to all the parents worldwide, to nurture the talents your kid has got rather than trying to bring down your own tastes and ambitions into those tiny brains.
  4. Sydney Barnes: – The unvalued English cricketer. One of the very best bowlers to have played the game of cricket. Largely forgotten these days, he was a match winner on any given day. Hardly required to bowl for long, Barnes was an asset to the English cricket team of the early 20th century. The only English cricketer to wear the national blazer coming directly from minor cricket. 189 wickets from just 27 test matches, with a bowling average of 16 plus. Basically a leg spinner, he was one of the first generation players of the 20th century to have used all kinds of bowling variations into his work. Compared with him, Shane Warne who???
  5. Oduvil Unnikrishnan: – The best actor I have ever seen on the screen. A common man next door. Everything so natural, whether it be plain acting, casual singing, engaging in daily chores, emotional scenes…. everything. His performance in “Thoovalkkottaram” stands out and is an example for what natural acting is all about. Living as his character in that film and was deservedly honoured with the state award for the best supporting actor.
  6. Fidel Castro: – Not for his political strategies and moves, just for the potential this man has got. A great fighter, a rebel and a great and acceptable human being. The man who ousted Fulgencio Batista to throne himself as the Cuban chief decades and decades ago. The leader of a small country that survived all the threats from a blood sucking United States. The man who overcame their threats from the first to thus far. Undoubtedly, one of the best paladins in terms of survival of the fittest.

I had to leave out many from this list. But I was left with no other option. Again, those who wish to take this may please….

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20 thoughts on “Tags…. I am lovin’ it!

  1. Nice post and really I loved the questions that you asked and the personalities that you chose.

    Some of your questions are quite intriguing. Recreating Sound Energy (in the same form) from some other source could be a deed of the millenium if it were possible. Regarding the perception on seeing objects and colors, I think everyone has his/her own perception towards these. For example, for someone who doesn’t know Sachin Tendulkar putting his picture in front of that person may not result in same perceptions as somebody who does. And regarding eye power, I have heard that some animals can see with more clarity than human beings, and some see less clearly. Your 4th question intrigues me to this day, and I too am confused what the real “definition” of the Universe is. I’m sure there’s a one line answer to this question, but one that’s difficult to digest (something of the sorts that “time slows down with speed!”). Your fifth question will be answered by fate, and sixth one is by definition unanswerable in third person πŸ™‚

    From your list of personalities, I’m a BIG fan of Ramanujan, and respect Netaji for his contributions to the Indian freedom.



  2. hi,

    you love tags..!!

    couple of min. ago was with the same tag written by your friend Srijith..

    Subash Chandra Bose and Srinivasa Ramanujan read little about them..

    i enjoyed reading the intial part where you have come up with so many wonderful queries, indeed a perpective mind. You made me realise we have miles to go ahead to explore to find the unknown. and will we ever be able to cover up all those queries there..IS A MAN/WOman capable to find all? remains a question ….

    good analytical mind here…

    Form where i sit and read i find MAny blogwriters here are wonderful personalities


  3. Re: Gaurav Jain

    Thanks and I am glad that you liked it! Also I meant to say that colours may not be perceived in the same way by all. For example, there is only a very thin line between some variations of blue and green. When I am taught what is red colour, is it the same colour another person sees? Afterall, <>red<> is only a name, isn’t it? Yes, the 1st and the 4th are really intriguing, I know! But rather than “time being slowed down with speed”, what is the area the universe is expanding to! Is it not part of the universe. If everything is universe, then how can it expand! I liked your answer to my last question very much! As heard somewhere “60 minutes of thinking of any king can lead you to confusion!”

    Great to know that you like Ramanujan and Bose….


  4. Hi Sreejith,

    I am so happy to see that you took up this tag.! And I must say, you have done absolute justics to it. I note, that most of your questions are scientific..I think finding answers for them therefore wouldn`t be all that tough. I`ll make an attempt here at trying to answer some of them.. Ma not be correct and correct me if I am wrong.

    To Question 1 : Sound and Light are alternative sources of energy.. We know of photoelectricity, but to generate the same amount of light from the electricity thus generated is not practically possible because there is loss of light, mainly because light/sounds travels in waves.. so it may be done, but getting the same quality and texture is certainly not done easily. However just curious to know what application you have in mind.

    To Question 2: You know about Sachin Tendulkar, you know how he looks. Let us say, a person somewhere in remote africa, who does not know Sachin or even about cricket. If he sees the picture his perceptions will be different. Perception is based on one`s knowledge.

    To Question 3: As far as I know, human eyesight is one of the best among all animals. Animals can sense more, can maybe hear more, but I do not know of any animal which can see more than human beings.

    To Question 4: That theory in itself maybe fundamentally wrong to cite. Earlier there was this hypothetical theory of a substance called Ether in the universe and it must have been during that period that they suggested that the Universe is expanding. But later on when better theories were proposed, this concept was rubbished.

    To Question 6: I guess no human being alive can answer that ever.

    About the 6 people, Subhash Bose, very obviously come first. YOu have done a lot to keep his legacy running high. Keep it going. The next generation shall be indebted to you.Baburaj! Oh! Man.. that is one appropriate selection.. His songs are indeed once in a lifetime stuff.. especially thaamasam enthe varuvaan Ramanujam might have died early, but his life has surely inspired millions.. A great genius in all senses. and Oduvil.. hmm what can I say, it is a phenomenal loss for Malayalam Cinema, the loss of an accomplished actor who managed comic roles as well as good character roles, with equal elan and aplomb.

    A great job, well done, Sreejith.
    With Best Regards,


  5. Re: Passerby55

    Yes, I love tags! :-))

    Well, Bose and Ramanujan were amazing people one can concluse, one for his fortitude and the other for his inborn mathematical knowledge.

    I wonder whether we will ever get an answer to some of those queries. Some people say Einstein theory of ‘the velocity of light being absolute’ is not true. Some say it is true. Like in every other field, there is some big confusion and split within the scientific society too.

    The thought you have expressed in the last sentence is the same one that passes through my mind when reading the posts of other bloggers. There is profuse talent here, thanks to the common and shared platform of blogs….


  6. Re: Srijith Unni

    It is really a nice thing this tags! It helps you to explore yourself more and more, everytime.

    1. I imagined some sound fingerprints! Like, we realise the origin of sounds even without seeing the origin. Example, sounds produced by a book flick. This can never be equivalent to the sound produced by a fan, or a watch ticking. It is more or less unique, isn’t it? I was thinking of some reversal mechanism by which this once lost sound being retraced from a sample! I know this may never happen, but again, can be a good theme for a Hollywood movie! πŸ˜›

    2. By the image of Sachin Tendulkar, I didn’t mean to say that the person who sees that image gets an impression of the stature of the man and what he is doing. I simply wonder is he getting the same image on seeing that pictire as I do, in terms of physical appearance. Another example is that I see a girl A. I will get an overview of her physical appearance and beauty. Is it the same figure (image) and physical appearance that she makes to another person? In other words, am I seeing an object or colour the same way you see…..?

    3. See, only sounds between 20 and 20000 dB are audible to man. But bats are able to produce a still higher range of sounds and we cannot hear them. Dogs have more whiffing power than man. Likewise, isn’t possible that there is some animal (or person!!!) that can see more?????

    4. I think the expansion of universe theory is very much alive. I have studied about some tests that result in Red Shift and Blue Shift that confirms the expansion of universe. Yet, I belive that this is a junk theory.

    6. It is sure that a body cannot <>live if there is no life in it. So, what exactly is this life<>? Can we ever extract life from a body (ghost you can call it!!!!) and preserve it? An application of Cryonics and cryopreservation!

    πŸ™‚ Bose is my choice on any day! If I ever adore any human beings, it is sure he would be a true Indian freedom fighter, who was willing to sacrifice, and Bose would always top the list!

    I was thinking between Vayalar, Yesudas and Baburaj for a selection. But somehow, I was overwhelmed by his Hindustani rendition. Ramanujan, yes a talent, a genius and a discovery. There is one English film “Ramanujan” in the making. Uduvil, all the above compliments are applicable to him too…. His last wish was to act as Njeralathu Ramapothuval, which he couldn’t….

    I had to leave out some great personalities like Kalamandalam Hyderali, Terry Fox, Dhyan Chand etc. They all would have been there, had there been more choices.

    Thanks a lot mate. You were the inspiration!


  7. Sree

    I am so bad at science that I wud leave all those initial queries for the rest of the universe to discuss! πŸ™‚ But I have been quite intrigued by the last two questions. Not because I have answers for them, but because they remain probably the most unanswered probes that are ever likely to cross the human mind.

    And its great to see Oduvil adorning ur list of favourites. Now that is a man, who has left a lasting impression on quite a few minds all right!



  8. Re: velu Nair

    I am so bad at science that I wud leave all those initial queries for the rest of the universe to discuss!


    Yes, those two questions will remain unanswered, right! That is a one way traffic; once crossed the line, would not be back, ever. But people say that we see our dearest and lost ones that moment, may be right in a psychiatrist’s point of view. But what if, it is not an imagination and an absolute fact? In that respect, I like the dying scenes of the Malayalam movie “Kamaladalam”.

    Oduvil, truly a master of natural performance!


  9. Re: Priya

    I am glad that you liked this post. All of these personalities will be remembered forever, undoubtedly.

    One more thing Priya, I get an error message (Not found Error 404) whenever I try to post a comment on your blog. Anyway, the last comment appeared on yours and I am so happy for it!


  10. Nice post..
    Your 6 questions are surely gonna leave me pondering for some time now.. πŸ˜€
    I am observing the tagging trend..though have never been tagged..and I dont know how to tag…but from whatever I have understood..I recently had a post on beggars and can I tag you for that .. I wanna see your opinions on the same…


  11. Re: Kakshi

    πŸ™‚ Oh! So, I have made you think more, right? The normal trend of a tag is different from the one you have suggested. Normally, it would contain some questions based on diffrent subjects or ‘nothing’! I saw you post on beggars. Since you need my comments on that item, I shall be posting my comments right there, okay?


  12. I can see, you are very idealistic person! It’s very good, motivation from within does not come to everyone, and without motivation, person can not go ahead of others..


  13. Re: Venus

    Thanks for the remark! πŸ˜‰ There are enough motivations that we can grab from our surroundings, family, acquaintances, Internet etc. And, I don’t think there is a point in living your life ‘just plainly’. You need to do something, you need to learn something and most importantly you need to acknowledge others who paved your way.


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