Keerthichakra – An otherwise good flip-flop!

KeerthichakraI saw the Major Ravi directed movie Keerthichakra yesterday. It was a *good* movie and not anything great as is talked about. It was just another military movie, but intelligibly the best in Malayalam to date. It is the story of a few NSG commandoes, covering both their official and personal lives. One thing to notice is the ease with which the movie was directed, may be it was more natural for a military person to direct such an action film.

Mohanlal as Major Mahadevan was good in his looks with some grey whiskers (at last, someone showed it!). His performance was brilliant, despite the seemingly zaftig appearance. Jeeva as his sidekick Jai, played a more important character in the movie. He matched Mohanlal’s performance in all the sequences he appeared. The movie title belongs to him. The military operations were shot well with some fleet moves and life-like shootouts. But Malayalam movie makers need to understand one thing, that a movie is not all about fisting and thwacking the villain. There are no less than two occasions in the movie showing the NSG guards prefer their hands and legs rather than weapons to deal with the opposition, and such a thing decides the end of the movie in its climax. A continued gunplay would have been legitimate.

I still can’t figure out how Major Mahadevan got the impression of the destroyer of his family, by just one passive coup d’oeil! Some common aspects of such movies were well dragged into Keerthichakra also; like the chum saving his officer, some strange portents plus the dreams of some soldiers getting shattered etc. No great role for Lakshmi Gopalaswamy save one song, and for Biju Menon save a very few minutes. But the same time, the movie had its high spots too. The restrictions on soldiers’ moves, unnecessary involvement of human rights activists, story of some profligate vaunters in military, the sufferings and hopes of the militiamen and their families, the stings and pangs of the people in Kashmir, and how people are drawn into the so-called Jihad are well limned in the movie. The dialogues were impressive, the songs were good, the baddie was good, Gopika was good, and again, the direction was very good. Undoubtedly, the best such movie made in Malayalam thus far, despite the fizzles in some areas.

I would give the film 6 out of 10.
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  1. Nice Review. Have been wanting to go watch this movie, but sadly dont seem to be getting the chance..
    Sreejith, about the hand and fist thing. I dont know how it was picturised in the movie, but from my short stint in the NCC and several camps, I can tell you that the Army gives equal importance to close hand combat and gunplay and there are situations, where the personnel are taught to give preference to the former.Maybe the picturisation was too cinematic in the movie..
    Overall nice entertaining post.

    With Best Regards,
    Srijith Unni.


  2. Re: Srijith Unni

    Thanks mate for the comment! We booked in advance to see the movie.

    I understand your saying that the army gives importance to scraps without weapons too. But I don’t think they would prefer that when storming into the terrorists’ hiding. Like in all films, all of the villain’s aides are killed and the villain is spared in the end for a round of bout with the hero! That seems garbled.


  3. Re: Deepa

    In fact, it is a tragic end, we can say. The one who dies in the end is ………; no I am not to make the story public here! Enough clues alrady, right? But seriously, all save two women in the house the terrorists hide die in the end.


  4. Re: Mathew

    Oh, you are coming for Onam? Then surely you should see this. Then, I think “Mahasamudram” (Mohanlal) and “Bhargavacharitham Moonnaam Khandam” (Mammootty-Sreenivasan) are the other films. I think Dileep’s “The Don” is coming. Another movie in theaters is the direct from Satellite “Moonnaamathoral” (Jayaram-Vineeth)


  5. thanx for the info man..I have sworn not to watch a dileep flick after CHESS!! i guess should be great!! 🙂


  6. I couldnt understand what the big hullabaloo regarding Keerthichakra was, as I was leaving the cinema hall. I mean, someone was telling me that this was the best thing next to Schindler’s List. Come on, we have seen better war epics than this one for sure. Barring a spirited performance by Mohan Lal, I didnt feel the movie had much else to offer. Ur review hit it right on the spot.

    As for the other Onam releases, I have seen both Bhargava Charitham and Mahasamudram. And both are equally bad. And by bad, I mean REAL BAD. Stay safe!



  7. Re: Velu Nair

    Yes, Keerthichakra is a good movie overall, an nothing exceptional. Common elements of all such movies can be seen in this too. But it is the best military movie in Malayalam thus far, since some others in this category are Nair Sab, Sainyam, War and Love (Vinayan!!! LOL)

    Thanks for the heads-up! I will not spend my<> money on those two. I shall see them only the gmail way. (Only if I get an invite from someone!) :-))


  8. LOL!!

    Never knew of the Gmail Movie way, until I chanced upon ur comment!! I shud be the giant in Gmail Movie biz then, since I tag one of my students along most of the time I go for a movie.



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