Bhagat Singh the terrorist and Right to Information being ‘Left’!

I was shocked and benumbed to see the noon news bulletin on some Malayalam channel a couple of days back! The swish scoop was about the History text book for the 10th standard ICSE syllabus. The book calls the great Indian freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and his friends terrorists! ‘They’ (the syllabus makers) might not know who Bhagat, Sukhdev and Rajguru were; but as long as proper history and patriots remain in this land, the newer generations will only study the true history. Those who make such catastrophic chronicles should be the ones to be sent to gallows. Interesting this came at a time when the government was blocking weblogs fearing terrorism! And those with various goverment departments continue with their versions of terrorism history rather officially!

The much expected Right to Information Act is to be modified by the Indian governnment. This Act was intended to give laymen access to official documents regarding their queries. Mission Netaji had asked for copies of the documents used as exhibits by the Shah Nawaz and Khosla commissions to reach their conclusions regarding the death of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. But, Mission Netaji received the reply from the Home Ministry that it cannot process the request since it comes under Section 8(3) of Right to Information Act, which deals with information that will adversely affect the security of the State and its foreign affairs! There is something seriously shady, right? Now the government is planning to modify the Act, so that it is more comfortable to them. In effect, the RIGHT to Information is to be LEFT for ever…..

Bhagat Singh Photo: Jag’s Blog

16 thoughts on “Bhagat Singh the terrorist and Right to Information being ‘Left’!

  1. <>Re: Venus<>Yes, these politicians and their toadies are the real terrorists. There was a time when the Indian historian RC Mazumdar was asked to write history for the Indian govt and he was given a clear hint that he should concentrate on Gandhi and Nehru only and the rest should only ‘follow’. He said he could not comply with it and quitted. We need such eminent people…..


  2. how this sons of bitch dare to call bhagath as a terrorist?but no problem its just like blaming sun for the shade of cloudsAmar raho bhagath amar raho…


  3. saare politicians ko line se khada kar ke un par goli chala deni chahiye! you know what, the present situation of India is exactly like the one described by George Orwell in his book – “Animal Farm”.

    and calling our great leaders a terrorist? well, it seems as if Britishers somewhat succeeded in their mission – “make Indians hate themselves, their nation and their ‘leaders like Bhagat Singh'” not only in ICSE books, but the similar phrases are used for Bhagat, Sukhdev and Rajguru in the british board schools in India… and none of the teachers or students oppose it… neither do the Govt.

    sonia ko to sabse pehle maarna chahiye… then his chmcha – manmohan…


  4. Re: Aparajita

    YES! The victors in wars write History, ie, History is being written for the winners in wars.

    It is a big shame to India and to all people who respect their national leaders, especially leaders in freedom movements who fought for the cause disregarding their personal lives. It is a disgrace that there were some saps with the syllabus committee who were to stamp such great personalities as terrorists. No worry if such people and the ones who force them to do so, get killed.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.


  5. Re: Mandeep Singh

    Thanks a lot for the link Mandeep! The news there is dated July 18 and promises some result in a month. Ideally it is time they took the decision. That should be great. But since our nation is so polluted with corruption, it is to be seen.


  6. I cannot believe these idiots would pull such a stunt. This truly is as low as it gets.Now the question is what should we do? I cannot have these heroes image tainted, none of us can. Yaar ey daag a ona di kurbani tey.


  7. Hey you guys …..I read all your posts and I wonder if anyone posting all the anti-governmental messages spiked with patriotic fervor has actually read those pages ?It’s true that the prevailing govt. (The Brits) had classified them terrorists, though from a nationlistic standpoint, they were freedom fighters. It all boils down to the context it was portrayed in. For instance, if it were something like “…… and the British govt. posted a reward on the heads of these terrorists.”.I’m sure we all agree that this isn’t the same as actually calling them terrorists. It’s contextual.So, the BIG question —- does anyone have the actual printed material or even read it ?


  8. God Bless our education system, if we have such SICKHEADS on its board, who term our HEROES as terrorists.Sure, they must have got such info. from some FIRANGI source. As Aparajita informs, it is OK if ‘they'(FIRANGIS) brand our HEROES as terrorists, but not our own countrymen!! Bhagat Singh,Sukhdev & Rajguru might be turning in their graves. For what did they climb the gallows, with a smile on their face & like true SONS of the soil, at such young age??Such textbooks should be banned from school curriculum. If they wish,they can teach their children such HISTORY. We do not need a lesson from them.And where are our PATRIOTS (MODERN DAY LEADERS), who, if given an opportunity, would jump at the JINGOISM bandwagon, at an instant.Wake up guys!!


  9. Re: JimmyThanks Jimmy, for the comment! People who instructed to publish such nonsense should be hanged. Nobody should be allowed to tarnish the image of the real heroes…


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