FIFA Golden Ball and Young Player award for sale! Wish to bid?

FIFA is acting like a clown! The world cup tournament was well organised, thanks to the officials and the German organising committee. But the final few days of the championshipLuis Valencia brought out all the foulplays associated with this world cup. It all started with the Best Young Player award. The award is supposed to be given to the nominee who gets the maximum number of votes in the poll conducted in this regard. Ecuador’s midfielder Luis Valencia got the maximum number of votes in the poll, but was dropped to give some consolation to the host Germany through Lucas Podolski, the eventual winner of the award! Valencia got 331243 votes (43%) while Podolski got only 60800 (6%). A difference of 270443 votes, about 4.5 times the votes polled for Podolski! Still the African was taken off. Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo was the second listed player with 242198 votes (25%). I heard that FIFA’s reason for avoiding this talent was that his behaviour was not that good on the pitch. Third on the list was Argentina’s Lionel Messi with 118837 votes (12%). FIFA has proved all the mathematicians around the world wrong! The new version of FIFA comparison goes like this 6> 12> 25> 43, or it can be 60800> 118837> 242198> 331243!

The same officials who denied Ronaldo the young player award for his not-so-great shows on the pitch have given the Golden Ball to Zinedine Zidane who head-butted Marco Materazzi in the championship final and was out red carded! I cannot digest the reasons for this. I think FIFA wanted to please all the first four teams. The world cup was given to Italy, the Golden Ball was given to France, the Young Player award was given to Germany and the most entertaining team award was given to Portugal! Fortunately, there was someone who knew calculations correctly when the officials grouped to decide the Golden Shoe award winner; otherwise Miroslav Klose wouldn’t have got that!

Photo: FIFA

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