Vadakkumnathan – A movie that could have been meliorated….

I saw Vadakkumnathan yesterday. It was a good theme that could have been made better. Thanks to the inexperience of VadakkumnathanGirish Puthencherry as a scriptwriter, the film did not have much kitsch jactitations by the hero Mohanlal! The film lacked continuity at certain junctures, and the final few sequences sported the inability of the filmmakers to think different. The Narasimham in Mohanlal came alive in the climax and it was very ordinary towards the end. “The mental problem with the hero could come back at any time” was the advice from the man who treated the hero and I waited for some brilliant show by Mohanlal, but it never really came! I was expecting this all the while during the rest of the movie, but was disappointed in the end, not to have seen that. Padmapriya, with her Malayali looks, despite being non-Malayali did okay. The dialogues were not of the greatest class, and some scenes were stinky and totally uncalled for. The last scene was something lifted from the climax of the movie Midhunam (and many films like it) and altered a bit.

Babu Namboothiri performed pretty well in a very familiar character role. The songs in the movie, which were popular even before release would make one feel the mastery of Raveendran and realise the void to be created with the loss of the genius musician. Overall, it is a good family movie. I would give the film 6 out of 10.

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