Drama in Kaiserslautern: Italy in Quarters with Ukraine….

Round of 16

Italy defeated Australia 1-0
Goal: Francesco Totti (Italy)

Italy won! But that is not a straight indication of what happened in Kaiserslautern yesterday night. The Azzurris were playing some very good football, even Totti goalthough Luca Toni still seemed slightly off-coloured. Italy managed some very good attacks until Marco Materazzi had to go out red carded. But I didn’t see it to be a red card deserving foul. The Italians were completely on defence from then until the last three minutes of the game. The ball was always near the Italian penalty area, but seldom did it go past the guards there. The Italian defence was simply outstanding.

It was Italy’s day. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been a penalty kick for them in the very dying seconds of the game. There surely was no big foul on Fabio Grosso by Lucas Neill. And Francesco Totti was never going to miss it. It could have been the costliest ever kick had it been a Frank Lampard shot! 😛 Full marks to the Italian coach Marcelo Lippi again. The substitutions were sensible. He reserved Totti for the last minutes expecting his fresh legs to work in the possible extra time. Italy now moves to Hamburg to clash with Ukraine for a place in the Semis. Hope Italy wins!

Photo: FIFA

2 thoughts on “Drama in Kaiserslautern: Italy in Quarters with Ukraine….

  1. A very lucky escape!. And look who they have got in the quarter, Ukraine… it can’t get luckier than this!!But they have a very mediocre front line this time. Italy was always a strong defensive team, with one super-striker up-front, like Schillachi, Baggio, Vieri… who will make the most of the very few chances that he will get (I still believe if Vieri didn’t miss that simple tap in four years before, it would have been an Italian World Cup). This time… Luca Toni.who?


  2. <>Re: Anish<>Yes, I agree to your views on the Italian team. But I feel there is some difference. The thing is that they are concentrating more on their strike now. In the past Italy relied more on defence after scoring a goal. But now, they are replacing strikers with strikers. I think that is a good omen. Luca Toni was the best striker in the last Serie A. But he seems off-colour now. But Alberto Gilardino is a better one. They are creating chances and they need one Vieri or Rossi upfront, undoubtedly.


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