Da Vinci Code brought me back to a movie theatre after 16 long years!

I saw The Da Vinci Code yesterday, breaking a span of 16 years of The Da Vinci Codeabstention from movie houses. The last time I was in a theatre was in 1990 for watching the re-incarnation of Perumthachan by Thilakan! I somehow stopped the habit of going to theatres after that, it has nothing to do with that movie though. The movie was interesting, but my going to theatres stopped with that! I had read the novel The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and it gave for engrossing reading. I couldn’t wait to watch the movie once it was released! But as it is, no movie can ever live up to its printed form. The Code was no different either. Though some people say that the movie is a bit sluggish, I felt it to be very swift, may be for I know, having read the book, that the story was edited out quite a lot.

Paul Bettany was superb as Silas, thanks to the sound engineer, so was Jean Reno as Bezu Fache. Lt Collet and Remy Jean could have been cast better. Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon and Nicole Kidman as Sophie Neveu were in my mind when I read the novel, but Audrey Tautou did amazingly well! The original sequence with Leigh Teabing talking to Silas on phone inside the car and the dramatic appearance of Teabing near the Knight’s tomb all should have been shown in the film. Felt very boring with the searching of names using the mobile phone of a bus traveler, and the appearance of the protectors towards the end of the movie! The car accident scene was well shot. Overall, I would say the movie was only average. One would properly understand the movie only if he has read the novel, which is unfortunate; but again, it is that kind of a story and transposing all those pages from the book to the screen was never an easy task. Cheers to Ron Howard for the attempt. But better if it were a TV serial, as time is always important for such types of movies.

Couldn’t help but simper, seeing the extra disclaimer notice at the end of the movie. The Church and its loyalists have done pretty well for the promotion of the book and the movie! 😛

PS: – Tom Hanks reminded me of Aamir Khan many times in the movie! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Da Vinci Code brought me back to a movie theatre after 16 long years!

  1. Nice post about Movie Da Vinci Code. I saw the movie and really liked it. I haven’t read the novel though but plan to read it. It’s interesting and contraversial! Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for your invitation to visit India. I must go someday!


  2. i’ve nt seen the movie.i’ve read the book but.after the harry potter series, i ve decided not to put much expectation from movie-adaptations of books.but, i love ron anyway. simply loved his,<>The Beautiful Mind<>. & tom hanks 😡& may be i shud see the movie.


  3. <>Re: Akhil<>Yes, you should see the movie, if you have read the book. But wait for surprises. Some of the scenes are totally taken from think air, and not the book! 😛 Silas is super in that movie, I must tell you….


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