Malayala Manorama supplements stink….

The supplements to the Malayala Manorama daily of 4th June 2006 made for dismaying reading. The regular ‘Njayaraazhcha’ boasted of the love story of a 41-year-old man and a 68-year-old woman. The most repugnant thing here was that the woman was married, with four children, all of them grown-ups. They were obviously incensed at their mother’s love affair and tried to protest. But the mother insisted on her stand and finally eloped with her lover. They filed a case and the court gave her the freedom to decide on her own and she chose to live with her lover. I just couldn’t understand the essence of valiance and volition the woman showed. I would rather back the thought and action of her children! But Manorama found something fresh and snappy in this stinking episode and filled the front page of the supplement with this detestable and dishonorable stuff.

The next bunk came in ‘Sree’, another supplement to the newspaper. It contains the heroic meter about a man who let his wife marry her lover, after an infuriating married life of six and a half years. The most plaguey thing here is that the lover gave away his own sister to the divorced husband, which according to the concerned people and Manorama is a Barter-like swapping. It indeed is a swapping and is Barter-like, but what is the significance of swanking such icky issues that contain nothing but rotten morality? To me, such abhorrent incest stories should end up in the editor’s trash can or appear as a box-news utmost, like ‘the drunk Prince was arrested’ sorts. These lousy items do not beseem to wake up people into their Sundays or any other days for that matter. I wonder what an imbecile, depraved half-wit was at the desk then!

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  1. Anonymous

    i think that lady has all the right to live. du think she shud live a lonely neglected life during her last years of life? her children weren’t muchbothered abt her. even if they were, she has all the right to choose a is a pity that bright men like u bind urself to some idiotic moral obsessions and judge ppl. really sad to c ur comment. ~ a regualr reader ~


  2. <>Re: Anonymous 1<>Joins you thinking that you accept my comments.<>Re: Anonymous 2 (A regular reader)<>Accepting your criticism and I expected this for sure. That lady has all right to live, yes. I am not of the opinion that she should live lonely. Did you notice the captions of those pictures and the theme of the story :- It is love at an old age. So, surelt she wasn’t looking for a shelter only. If she were looking for a shelter she would have got it, but not love or lust. I am sure no son/daughter would ever like to see their mother running off with her lover. I cannot accept it if it were in my family. I am sure you also will not accept this if it were in your family. There is a myriad of parents, male and female, who are deserted by their children and you don’t see them eloping with lovers every now and then. Please move out of your free thinking and get into yourself for a second. You will not be able to accept the happenings. What you think those children should have done? Give their mother to her lover? Sorry, I am against these practices.


  3. Anonymous

    I also support anon 2 that your criticism was unwarranted. Who said we should stop loving at a certain age. Love has no boundaries of any sort. If the lady found love at 60 then so be it. And love is about having a companion and soul-mate. It is never about lust.A son\daughter is not a companion.The lady is not running away from her responsibilities. Her children are grown up adults. As adults they should have allowed their mother to choose what she feels is right. She is also a free citizen of India and what she did is nothing wrong legally or morally. Why cant a widow marry again ? The practise of not allowing a widow to marry is a blot on Hindu society. And it is high time we did away with such narrow thinking. Kudos to Manorama for showing courage to highlight a story which most of its readers would have found hard to digest just like you did.


  4. <>Re: Anonymous<>It is good to have different opinions. But I stand by what I have said. I am not against a widow remarrying. There is nothing wrong in it. But there are certain qualities that separate a man from a beast I guess.BTW, you didn’t say anything about the second story in the supplement. Do you think that Barter system is also acceptable. I am not a Hindu fanatic, let me clarify. But, there needs to be certain examples set by senior citizens. Let me tell you this: – A person has all the freedom to strip his/her clothes. But is it proper doing that in public. So, the explanation of freedom varies. I cannot back her doings.


  5. Anonymous

    Nice to see your blog Sreejith. But I must say your views on journalism are very immature. Like many others you too expect journalist as watchdosgs of a corrupt society as we see in third rate malayalam movies. What the media publish is a mere reflection of the society. There will be many a reader who eagerly wait for such human interest stories. So before criticising the media reports as silly or below standard try to understand the nature of the society which includes you. Regards


  6. Re: AnonymousBut then there are many other news items which deserve to be given a good look…. If those were also being addressed, this wouldn’t have been a problem…. These are immature reports… Good to get your feedback…


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