A blogging article and a blogging interview!

I was interviewed by the international freelance writer Mrs Resmi Jaimon for the Hindu Metro Plus sometime back and it was published yesterday, the 22nd May 2006. You can read an online copy of the same at Express yourself, go blog. She has written the article resplendently by incorporating the thoughts of a handful of bloggers. My congratulations to her!

14 thoughts on “A blogging article and a blogging interview!

  1. <>Re: Santhosh<>Understood. But the intended recipient of that question shouldn’t have been me! Isn’t that so apparent? How can I tell anonymous whether or not she wrote the stuff after properly knowing what is blogging?


  2. cool…. let the word spread… hope u have seen the articles in yesterdays manorama about blogging… I am very happy to see all these developments…


  3. Hi Sreejith,Congratulations.! It is nice to be interviewed.. Though we don`t really become celebrities, it surely is a matter of pride.. Read about the Mukherjee Commission Report too.. 😦 So what`s next..?With Best Regards,Srijith.


  4. Blogging is coming up like a fad.Initially there were more of technical blogs, but now I can read views on any subject on earth.That is interesting!


  5. <>Re: Srijith Unni<>Thanks! Yes, it is a nice feeling. About the JMCI report, it was always expected that the report would be trashed by the Congress govt. Actions need to be taken. But the media is shying away from things, making it increasingly difficult.<>Myemptymind<>Yes, blogging is a very interesting medium. I am happy that we get to read such articles in leading dailies. Thanks for dropping by; keep visiting!


  6. Hey Sreejith,

    Excellent article and I appreciate your efforts in popularizing blogging.

    Hope to start a malayalam blog of mine soon. But considering, how I’ve never written in malayalam before, it will be quite a challenge.


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