The Snarl: Where would Karunakaran vote if not accepted by the LDF?

This could well be the question in the minds of the Achuthanandan faction of the CPI (M) and all the CPI party men as the state of Kerala goes to polls in just a few months. Karunakaran and co. were literally booted out by the official KPCC and the probability looks black that he and his party would vote for the so-called official Congress party. Then, what’s next? The CPI has already stated unwaveringly that they do not want Karunakaran with them. VS Achuthanandan has already denounced Karunakaran and the sole option left with him is Pinarayi Vijayan. At the moment Pinarayi is the only one who seems to be extending some sort of support to DIC (K). What happens if this final sanctuary also stigmatizes him on the basis of Karunakaran’s track record? Where would Karunakaran cast his vote then? CPI and the Achuthanandan sect might already be thinking that, because Karunakaran is left with no other options, they would get the vote of DIC (K) even if it is not allowed to become an ally of LDF. In any case, there will be some very very interesting developments as far as the Kerala politics is concerned for the next few months; possibly years!

6 thoughts on “The Snarl: Where would Karunakaran vote if not accepted by the LDF?

  1. Welcome aboard Mujib!Thanks for the link. ‘Literally’ is often used as an intensifier. In that sense it is okay in saying “literally booted out”. After all, “booted out” doesn’t mean that you kicked somebody out; it only means ‘removed from a place’ 🙂 In that sense, I guess it is fine to use it. Thanks for your comments! See you again. Arrivederci!


  2. Fine! But I was writing within the prescribed limits! 🙂The link you gave me says “It should not be used as a synonym for “actually” or “really.”” and I haven’t used the word in the said blog entry instead of ‘actually’ or ‘really’! I only said Karunakaran was literally booted out by the official KPCC. It doesn’t in any way mean that he was drummed out by the KPCC; he wasn’t. It was Karunakaran who left the party and formed a new one. Nobody expelled him from the Congress party. But the Congress had played all the games possible to chuck out him from it. So, the above statement is correct I reckon.


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