The Million Dollar Question!

The title here is not anything related to any game or fortune show on TV channels and the likes. It is about the greed of 11 MPs in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha combined. It is unfortunate to see that our MPs are taking bribes from the public to raise questions on any subject in the Parliament. They were demanding money without any timidity from people they were seeing perhaps for the first time. It is good to see the recommendations from the Parliament committee on this were accepted in both houses and that these culprits were expelled. Even though the suggestion from VK Malhotra wasn’t welcomed by many, it was good like “giving opportunity for all the accused to explain and prove their innocence in the Parliament”. They should have been trying this in the middle of some big rumpus though, if it were allowed! Since this is not the first time something like this happens in the Parliament, the punishment should not be restricted to only the remotion of these perpetrators from the Parliament, but they should be tried on these charges also so that it sends out a strong message to the others who plan to go on the same lines and to those who were not caught.

One should applaud the great services from the media persons in CobraPost and AajTak who brought out this issue. But it should be investigated whether or not the people who brought out this incident were not partial in the affair and that there weren’t more people in this issue like the ones who were caught red handed. It should also be investigated whether or not these media persons weren’t taking money from more people who were caught by blackmailing them so that their names were not made public.

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