BCCI and Sourav Ganguly: The Tom & Jerry show continues!

Hooraaaaaay! This time too Jerry won the battle over Tom. Sourav Ganguly is back in the Indian team to play test matches in Pakistan. But it is unfortunate that Mohammad Kaif will have to sit outside again.
The gravelling situation here is that the man who was left out of the team just 10 days ago because of his ‘bad’ form was included in the side to play a tougher opposition. Ganguly in the mean time hasn’t had an opportunity to prove his skills as a ‘batting allrounder’ to have pleased the selectors and got back into the side. The selectors might have taken only about 45 minutes to pick the squad, but sure they must have spent all those 10 days hovering over the Ganguly issue. They had no other option than to pick Ganguly’s ‘wealth of experience’ as a reason for his calling back into the side. One would wonder thinking that ‘this’ experience had nothing to do against Sri Lanka in the last test match so that they left him out. The selectors might have thought about this perspective also before facing the presspersons. They had a reason worked out for this kind of a question! The selectors thought of trying some youngsters against Sri Lanka! But I didn’t see any such youngster playing against Sri Lanka. If the selectors still like to treat Yuvraj Singh and Mohammad Kaif as ‘youngsters’, then it is not good for Indian cricket. If it is all about experience and just nothing else, then they could have appointed Sunil Gavaskar as a replacement for Gautam Gambhir. They could also have appointed Ganguly as the captain since he is the most successful of all Indian test captains. The core issue behind all these is quite obvious. The selectors were under a mountain of pressure to call back Ganguly especially when he had a reasonable outing against the Lankans in the second test match. There could also be a hidden agenda behind these new developments. The selectors might be thinking that unless Ganguly performs well against the likes of Shoaib Akhtar, Mohammad Sami and Danish Kaneria in Pakistan, the Ganguly era in Indian cricket could be closed forever. So, even if Jerry wins this time, BEWARE the ultimate winner could be Tom!

3 thoughts on “BCCI and Sourav Ganguly: The Tom & Jerry show continues!

  1. I feel Ganguly’s called back NOT bcoz of his wealth of experience, but solely due to the meeting between him and Pawar and the ensuing pressure. Lets accept the fact that Dada’s time has come and unless he hangs his boots on his own, he stands the risk of being bootrd out! Chappell has been given a specific task of preparing a team for the 2007 WC in windies, by hich time Dada will be well past his prime. Why, even the Aussie selectors have chucked out Darren Lehman and Micheal Bevan at the peak of their prowess just bcoz they happen to be on the wrong side of 30! There’s nothing wrong in telling a person that he’s getting old and holding up the rightful place of deserving youngsters like Kaif etc. Dada’s selection’s sure going to divide the team. How are they going to select the final XI? Will Dada actually play in the XI, is a bilion dollar question. If he’s not going to be played, then why the hell WAS he selected? Can More answer these questions? I agree that th manner in which the entire La’affaire ganguly was (mis)handled by the BCCI was amateurish. He could have been taken into confidence anf gently told to hand over his resigntion or announce his retirement instead of dropping and then selecting him. Just goes to show that selections are not entirely done on purely cricketing basis. Vijay Merchant had famously quoted when he announced his retirement at the peak of his form “Its better to retire when people are asking WHY, rather than them asking WHEN !”


  2. Re: Dr SundeepWell said Dr Sandeep. The form of Sourav Ganguly has been awful for the past few years. There were times when Ganguly should have been dropped. But he wasn’t. He even made some bad decisions like sending out Venugopal Rao as an opener in Zimbabwe when players who had experiece opening the batting were available in the team including dada himself. Those decisions should have been corrected duly by BCCI. The present situation is still different. He was selected in the side to play Sri Lanka as a batting all-rounder and he performed reasonably well in the second test and yet got chopped from the side for the final test. This time, he deserved another opportunity to show what he can and he is called back. I would say this drama could have been avoided by some good thinking from the selectors and BCCI. But who knows, this could well be the last tour for Sourav Ganguly with the Indian cricket team. Unless he plays well, he is only going to appear in the benefit matches and veterans matches in the future. Thanks a lot for your comments doctor.


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