BCCI and TNCA: Where betise and avarice prevail

It didn’t change this time too! The present test cricket series between India and Sri Lanka still remains wide open with effectively the series folding down to just two matches in the series, thanks to the rain gods in Chennai. This is the fourth time in a raw that an international cricket match is abandoned (with the present match almost adding to the list) due to the rains in Chennai Chidambaram stadium. This shows the lack of planning in deciding the venues for the cricket matches in India. The most satiric thing here is that there is a special committee with the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) for deciding the venues! Those people are sitting idle and earning their money for doing nothing. The only thing they have to do is just to glance through the list of cricket stadiums in India and find out what all venues had been given matches prior to the present series. Done! The rotation policy that lacks any serious brain behind it is the factor that creates all these unwanted chaos in the final minute. As part of a policy in ‘distributing’ matches equally for all the cricket associations, the Venues committee carves up the available matches to the associations without ever minding the most important parameters such as the quality of the wicket, ground facilities, player and spectator amenities, and above all the weather conditions.

This lack of planning had in fact caused the biggest loss for Indian cricket in their last home series against Australian. India required only about 200 odd runs on the final day of the test match with all the 10 wickets in tact. Not even a ball could be bowled on the fifth and final day. Had India been able to win that test match (I would say 70-30 in India’s favour), it would have made big changes in the Indian test history with the series leveled at 2-2. Then, as the regnant champions, India could have held on to the Border-Gavaskar trophy. This may not be the case with the present series as not a single ball could be bowled so far.

Next is about the greediness of the TNCA (Tamil Nadu Cricket Association). They had sold out the tickets for an LOI between India and South Africa in the last series which eventually was abandoned due to rain. Now, they are not ready to give the price of the tickets back. Citing a contrived statement like ‘the price of the ticket will not be refunded in any situation’ is not a fair justification for their greediness. The cricket lovers bought tickets to see the game being played and not to see the showers. At least a higher percentage of the price should be given back to the helpless fans. The matter is before the court now.

It is high time the Indian cricket officials showed some wisdom by including considerations on the ground and weather conditions before deciding the venues and also figured out some people-friendly plans when it comes to refunding the price of tickets when matches are spoiled by no fault of the spectators. Had the officials possessed any serious thinking other than the regional considerations, would it have included selectors from each zone? The BCCI is doing many good things for the development of the game in the country; but it should also show some sense in matters such as these.

11 thoughts on “BCCI and TNCA: Where betise and avarice prevail

  1. they way BCCI work is disappointing…I was sooo looking forward to watching india play england here.. but due to this ‘rotation’ policy, we have to be satisfied with India srilanka test..


  2. Re: Arvind IyerYou are right, the way they are handling the venues, broadcating chaos and lack of planning are bad omens and those have to be avoided. The BCCI has done so many good things (in the past) like player representations for not-so-big power houses like Jharkhand, Kerala etc and the pension schemes. But the said things need more attention. Thanks for your comments here Arvind.


  3. I found your blog from your comments on mine. Shall add you to my list and shall visit again as you have soem very good posts. Have to go through all of the older ones sometime.


  4. Re: SushilOh! That is some great news! Thanks a lot. I am so pleased that you are to add me to your list. I have also added you to my “Browse Through” list. I am also very glad that you have decided to go through the older posts. A very hearty welcome to you. Do come back again please.


  5. Re: Sreejith NarayananWell, totally unnecessary. The reasons are aplenty. I also was for the expulsion of Ganguly when he was in the worst form of his career. I was also against the decision of including him in the side again. But we have to remember that he was taken in the test side against Sri Lanks as a batting-all rounder. He batted reasonably well on the occasions he got to bat. But he wasn’t even necessary to bowl to a large extent. He batted well in the second test match also. He got scores of 39 and 40. It is a good performance considering the fact that he was under a mountain of pressure to perform. It should be understood that he was included in the side for the test matches only to please the Kolkata crowd before the ODI against RSA there. When the Mumabi men took over the charge of the BCCI, Ganguly got sacked again and a Mumbaikar Wasim Jaffer made a comeback into the side. I would say, a very bad treatment for Sourav Ganguly.


  6. The selectors have come up with another gem of a team! suddenly they realized that Ganguly’s experience should be given more importance than giving Kaif a chance, and they kick him out of the team.Another thing is inclusion of Parthiv Patel as the second keeper. I don’t think Karthik has done anything wrong to be left out on the first hand and then he is atleast better any day than parthiv.Wonder if the hands of Pawar are behind this.Hail BCCI!


  7. Re: Sreejith NarayananLOL What a comedy the BCCI is organising for us! As you have said, Ganguly became unfit for a test match against Sri Lanka and all of a sudden BCCI wants his experience in Pakistan! May the Pawar faction is thinking that if Ganguly becomes a big flop in Pakistan against the fiery Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Sami, then that chapter would be closed forever! Poor Kaif; once again not selected. I wonder what wrong had Dinesh Karthik done for dropping him! The opener from Mumbai remains intact! The biggest comedy is the additional comment from Kiran More :”Even if Ganguly is there in the team, he is not sure to play”. Experience for what? Sitting on the bench and supplying water? Even I could do it! ROFL.


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