Oy Singapore; thou could have spared that Australian!

It was really disappointing to hear about the execution of the Vietnam-born Australian citizen Tuong Van Nguyen, 25, who was caught in Singapore for possessing 14 ounces of heroin. In Singapore, the law is very hard-and-fast and those who possess or traffic narcotic drugs would get death penalty if proven. This year alone saw some 420 executions in Singapore, most sufferers belonging to the above category.

Possession of narcotic drugs by a person is a crime beyond question. But one must realise that there are law-breakings of different degrees. Death penalty is the maximum according to the rule books. But, it should be given only to those who thoroughly deserve it. Crimes of different grades should be given punishments of different grades. Capital punishment should be given only to those who slay with savage intentions or associate with its planning, and to those who ravish. Sadly, the situation was pretty different in this case. The Australian also did a crime of a higher grade, but certainly not of the highest. He could have been sentenced 5 years of hard imprisonment and a permanent denial of future trips to Singapore. The number of years in prison could have been hiked or lessened according to the degree of crime that he has done.

People may argue that drugs also kill and therefore the person selling this also kills. Then I would say drinks also kill, cigars also kill and so forth. Do we punish those people who sell this? He could have been executed if he were the man who cultivated, manufactured and marketed it. He was only a small fish in a big stream. He should have been spared and given a chance to rectify his mistakes. But in any case, it cannot be compared with the above two cases for which I would suggest death penalty. It was a really disappointing penalisation. Too usurious an action Singapore…..; too bad. I am for the effectuation of law, but in a fair manner. Alas! This one was not. I strongly decry your imbecility Singapore.

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