Storage capacity improves — DVD gives way for HVD

The next generation storage capacity has the name HVD alias Holographic Versatile Disc. It has a very large capacity to hold data when compared to DVDs. It uses the technique known as collinear holography. Here, a red and a blue-green laser are collimated in a single beam. Data is recorded as interference fringes. The blue-green laser reads data from a holographic layer near the top of the disc and the red laser reads servo information from a regular aluminium layer near the bottom. Servo information monitors the position of the read head over the disc. The sad news for those awaiting this is that they will have to upgrade their disc drives again. This is incompatible with the current CD and DVD drive technology.

The disc has a diameter of 12 centimeters which is equivalent to those of CDs and DVDs. And lastly, the answer to the question you were keeping in your mind when you started reading this post; what is the storage capacity of an HVD? Well, the answer is — a whopping 3.9 Terabytes (3.9 TB)! One TB means 1024 GB. So, imagine; if you have one HVD, you can store (almost) all the information you ever want in your whole life in a single disc! Soliloquise “DVD what??????”

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