F1 – Change of rules; and of course winners!

The F1 season was as outstanding as it could have been — the winning streak of the Ferraris coming to an end and the crowning of new champions, in constructor and individual titles. Fernando Alonso came out to be the best even though Kimi Raikkonen was as good and equal. Juan Pablo Montoya should consider himself the unluckiest. Had there not been many problems with his car, he should have been decisive in the constructor title judgement. There was nothing to choose between Alonso and Raikkonen though the latter was better in crunch situations. Montoya certainly is a better driver than Giancarlo Fisichella. Jarno Trulli and Jenson Button could have done better, especially the former. ‘Up to the highs and down to the pits’ was Nick Heidfeld. Filipe Massa and Ralf Schumacher were as usual as they are. Jacques Villenueve and Rubens Barichello fought well.

Jordan Toyota’s Indian driver Narain Karthikeyan was the best among the rookies in regular drivers, though some may think it was his team mate Portuguese Tiago Monteiro. But when the new machine was given, it was utilised to the full effect and with a better outcome by Karthikeyan. He gave some tough rides to some well experienced campaigners as well towards the end of the season. He would perform really well if he is put in a different machine, not Minardi.

And Michael Schumacher; he tried and fought hard. As all know, his machine wasn’t the best of the lot this time round. Even before the start of the season, the favourites were McLaren and Renault. Still he gave his all. He is a true world champion.

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