About Netaji: One final time – To NDTV, Asianet, Kairali TV and Jeevan TV


I would like to invite your attention to one of the potential scoops around this time. The MK Mukherjee commission that is probing into the disappearance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is on the verge of producing a historic report by Nov 14 this year. Most people the world over still believe that Bose died in a plane crash in 1945 in Taiwan. But recently, the Taiwan government had officially confirmed that no such crash actually took place at the airport or its nearby provinces from Aug to Sep 45. This clearly indicates that Bose was not killed in any crash in that country on the specified day, and most importantly that he was alive even after Aug 18,45.

There are unconfirmed reports that he was sighted by many in Russia afterwards. There are also indications that he was shackled in Siberia then died there. Some believe that he came back to India, and lived as Gumnami Baba. Recently the RSS chief KS Sudarsan had told presspersons that Bose was alive in India itself until the mid 1980’s. George Fernandes gave the view that Bose’s whereabouts were concealed by the Nehru government. Though this statement was published in newspapers, it didn’t get the desired attention. It is a satire that even the NDA government which is not supposed to back Nehru was also evasive in its actions! It is sad, even the media these days are not standing by the people and is concerned more about the cheap Indian politics and unwanted news.

The commission first proposed to visit Russia in this July, but the visit was cancelled on the 11th hour by the central government which is not at all cooperative with the enquiry. The commission now plans to visit Russia in September. There are many important archives there relating to the existence of Bose in that country. But the commission would get the archives only if the Indian government officially requests its Russian counterpart to produce the documents before the commission without reservations. Kindly help the commission by creating an awarness among the public and also the officials to push for such a move.

As citizens of India, I believe people, you and me have the right and responsibility to know about the mysterious plight of Netaji. I would urge you to give importance to the latest facts and make a story around it. This matter is very much alive despite six decades. It really will be a shame if the people of India lets go of this final attempt to know about Bose, one of the pioneers in our freedom struggle.

As of late, we saw what a ‘dated’ issue like Jinnah’s secularism turned out to be, and the stir it is still creating. This is a story that can create more waves and noises. As a citizen of this land, I would like you to push this matter, being a responsible newscaster.

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