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Dear Sri Dhar,

It is really great to hear about someone who is so interested in unveiling the mysteries behind the disappearance of Netaji. Bose is the one leader I think who has taken bold steps in India’s freedom struggle. Unfortunately, his actions didn’t get the deserved approval by many ‘national leaders’ of that time. He was undoubtedly the one man whom the Britons feared the most.

I have always read news and articles on Bose with keen interest. There are enough ambiguities in the circumstances under which he was disappeared. Even an easy look at the Shah Nawaz and JD Khosla commission reports would raise enough doubts in one’s mind as to whether these reports were manipulated to safeguard someone else’s interests. All I could gather from the two commission reports was that the two commissions were lying. But the Mukherjee commission invites the attention of all but the media. What a pity; even our media are busy reporting the Watergate and such things and not something like Netaji’s disappearance.

I had a recent dispute over this issue with one of the ‘leading’ Indian historians Ramachandra Guha. I had quoted most of the potentially suspicious facts about Netaji’s disappearance and Nehru’s hand in this issue. But he cut all my arguments and treated all the persons I mentioned Dr Satyanarayana Sinha, Samar Guha, RF Mudie, E Bhaskaran, Hari Vishnu Kamath, NG Swamy, SA Aiyer, NP Nayar, D’Valera, Shyamlal Jain, Suresh Chandra Bose and many others including me as sycophants and deluded individuals. He even told me that I need to read some good history and that there is no shred of evidence that Bose survived that plane crash or that he lived in Russia or anywhere else. He also suggested some books written by Gordon, Khilnani and himself. There are many people who still carry Nehru – Gandhi weights on their heads. I wonder what historian he is!

If you are interested, you may read these discussions and comments at

You may find it helpful to know how eagerly some Indian think tanks want to keep this chapter closed!

I am of the belief that it was with the know-how of Nehru and Gandhi that such an accident tale was created to shield Bose from the British. Being afraid of offering the Indian administration to Bose in a golden platter, Nehru might have decided to keep the story as such so that he can rule India ‘forever’. But I have some doubts here. Why should Stalin accept Bose first and then detain him. Both were leftists and even in a communication with his ministers, Stalin plans a left movement in India under Bose. So when, how and why did Stalin break up with him? Next, I don’t consider Bose a coward to come back to India and abstain from mainstream politics and live the rest of his life as a saint. If Gumnami Baba was Bose, why should he take such a sojourn? I have also read about a letter written by Bose to Nehru that he wished to come back to India from Russia. This letter had caused some havoc in the Parliament as well. Lastly, if someone persuaded you to stop your hunts to unravel the truth, please don’t shadow them as ‘someone’ but pinpoint them. Be bold in your stands to declare their names. Even if the court turned down your petition, I am glad that the Government extended the term of the commission by six months. I stand by you in your efforts.

Note: – Anuj Dhar is a journalist with the Hindustan Times and is an ardent researcher into the disappearance of Netaji. He is the writer of the book Back from Dead : Inside the Subhas Bose Mystery. Readers may find these links helpful.

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  1. hey iam someone who believes that Netaji dint die in the Plane crash, (and the theory that he wouldnt have fit in the coffin as it was smaller than his height). MR.E.Bhaskaran (netaji’s confidential secretary) mentioned in your article is my grandfather, he passed away 7 yrs back… but he would tell us stories abt his time with netaji and also was SURE that there couldve been no way netaji died in that plane crash.


  2. Re: VidyaWow! Granddaughter of E Bhaskaran? Great to know you Vidya! It is a fact that the majority thinks Bose didn’t die in the crash. But the governments have been reluctant to accept or consider this view.


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