Gordon and Khilnani – To Ramachandra Guha

Dear Mr Guha,

Following your advice, I read both Gordon and Khilnani. There are enough ambiguities in Gordon’s work. All I could gather from Khilnani is that he himself is another toady, loyal to Nehru. Even after reading these two gentlemen, my clouds haven’t rained off. One thing I could get was that Lord Wavell had ordered an inquiry into Netaji’s death. The conclusion was that Bose has died, but no official report on this has been made even as of now. Also I came to know that three archivers — Purabi Ray, Shobanlal Gupta and Hari Vasudevan — brought out some documents from the Russian military archives in Paddolsk, and from the British archives which substantiate that Bose was alive even in 1946.

If I must believe what you quotted from Amery’s diary this time, then you are bound to believe the document these people discovered in which Joseph Stalin plans with his defence minister Voroschilov and foreign affairs minister Molotov in 1946 for a communist movement in India under the leadership of Bose. In another document a Soviet agent named VG Sayadyants based in Mumbai reported back that “the Soviet Union cannot possibly work with either Nehru or Gandhi,” and that the Communist movement in India “is in a disarray.” He also reported that “Bose is the only hope for Soviet Russia” (in 1946).

This mail is not to trouble you again. Also I don’t have the faintest belief that you would mug up these information, for I know it is easier to awaken someone sleeping than someone feigning to be asleep. The reason why I compared Amery’s notes with that of some others’ is that Amery is not born to write history with all its recognition and might. It can be doubted because those are also mere notes. You believe these notes and discard the notes, diaries and books written by all the persons I told you earlier and treated them sycophants. Because Amery was ‘so and so’ to Churchill, you cannot justify all his writings and cannot treat those as history. If that is your mode of belief, then you may still believe that the Watergate scandal was closed in 1974 itself. Can’t your observations this time be treated as obsessive string together of gossips? Why this double game sir? This is not to nag you and I don’t belong to the class of your good old friend McCallough (if my memory doesn’t betray me).

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