The spring in the world of blogging

I read an article on blogging in Mathrubhumi some time back. I was so interested in this new and different idea. Hence I also started blogging. After a week or so, I realised the amazing influence and variety of options blogs provide. One can create more and more blog pages and can link them to a unique page alias home page. There are many free services available with blogs so as to make it more appealing and less appalling. Opinion polls, chat, horoscope, moon phase analyser, guest book, child death rate, soldier death rate, crime rate, search engines, trackers and online reports can all be used to make it more user friendly.
The most important facet I have realised of blogging is that it gives everyone a chance to establish himself among the surfing community, interact with others and of course speak out your mind. But I don’t agree to the idea of anonymous blogging, which is very common among the youth these days. Most blogs won’t allow the users to deal with adult content, but it is sad that it still exists. There are even blogs reserved for such types of exchanges.
Entering your daily matters is not good in blogging. Most people follow this way, which they might enjoy, but certainly not others. Blogs need to be matter of fact and serious. But in most blogs, one gets the experience of reading someone’s personal diary which can be too boring. Those who do not expect their thoughts to be realised by the print media can seek an asylum in blogs. It, by the method of interaction increases the values of the subject under discussion and acts as a faster responding and result oriented tool forever. If you are dealing with subjects that could be interesting to one and all, then without even a shadow of doubt, the traffic will increase. As I mentioned before, by the introduction of more less-sophisticated tools, one can make his blog to be very much a personal website.

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