Re: Five-star confusion – Anand

Reference: – Five-Star Confusion (Wordspeak column, The Hindu Literary Review, 01.05.2005)
Dear Sri Anand,

I read your story on stars with interest. There are even more significance to stars in our daily life. A three pointed star is a drive enthusiast’s dream machine. We need stars to enjoy Christmas. We count the stars surrounding our head and vision after receiving a shock or a slap (at least in comics)! In the tools section we have a star screw driver. In the film industry, apart from the established stars, we have the upcoming starlets. To say ‘naively optimistic’ we may use the word starry-eyed. The right side of a ship or an aircraft is termed starboard. In addition to five star hotels, we have five star hospitals. Diamonds or stars are sometimes used to mark the quality of liquor. Even songs are marked in terms of stars. Stardust is romance. A variety of sea animal is called star fish. One of the main items in an entertainment show is named star turn. A strategic defence initiative is termed Star War. And who can avoid The Star TV Network?

A tree in China is named star anise. An ever green tree in the Caribbean in named star apple. Another variety of a tree is christened star begonia. Even in Google’s Gmail, a star is used to mark an important conversation. I wonder sometimes thinking why a star gets so much importance! A star became so coveted may be because it winks, shines and for that matter enchants one and all.

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