I am Sreejith Panickar, founder-member of Mission Netaji, an Indian research group that tries to solve the Netaji mystery. In Oct-2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited the Bose family and Mission Netaji to his New Delhi residence, and made the historic announcement to declassify the Netaji files. In Feb-2016, then Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav invited the Boses and Mission Netaji to his Lucknow residence, to discuss Gumnami Baba, a hermit, whom many thought was Netaji in disguise. Yadav then expedited the movement of the baba’s belongings to a museum and formed the Justice Sahai Commission of Inquiry to probe the matter.

In Sep-2016, I deposed before the Sahai Commission and submitted my views of the Gumnami Baba angle to the Netaji mystery. I also met Ram Naik, Governor of Uttar Pradesh to submit a memorandum to speed up the proceedings of the Commission. In 2017, Mission Netaji met Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath to request help to solve the Gumnami Baba mystery.

I write columns on India Today’s DailyO and DC Books’ Emerging Kerala. I have written opinions and articles on leading publications such as Daily Mail, Sunday Guardian, and Mathrubhumi. Media houses such as BBC, Al Jazeera, Tehelka, Malayala Manorama, and Mathrubhumi have featured the work of my group in their publications.

I also appear as a debater and analyst on various socio-political issues on national television channels such as Times Now, NDTV, CNN News18, NewsX, India Ahead, Doordarshan, Mathrubhumi News, News18 Keralam, Janam TV, Reporter TV, Amrita TV, and People TV.

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